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How to Create Fantastic Email Newsletters About Major Sports Leagues Using FlowChai

Creating an engaging and informative email newsletter about major sports leagues, such as the NBA or Premier League, can be a streamlined process with the help of FlowChai. This SaaS platform enables users to leverage automation and AI, similar to ChatGPT, to craft customized content. Follow this guide to set up your sports-focused newsletter using FlowChai's innovative tools.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Decide on Your Sports Newsletter Focus

Topic Selection:
Choose the leagues and sports you are most interested in covering, such as basketball, football, baseball, or soccer. You can focus on one major league or a mix, depending on your audience's interests.

Content Style:
Determine the newsletter's tone. Whether it's informative, filled with statistics and analysis, or more casual with human-interest stories and fan-oriented content, pick a style that resonates with your readership.

Step 2: Sign Up for FlowChai

Account Setup:
Create your account on the FlowChai platform to gain access to its array of services tailored for content automation.

Step 3: Program Your Content Sources

Keyword Planning:
Select relevant keywords that pertain to the sports leagues of your choice, like “NBA finals,” “Premier League transfers,” or “MLB season highlights.”

Search Scheduling:
Use FlowChai to program daily searches for these keywords, ensuring you're capturing the latest and most pertinent information from the last 24 hours.

Step 4: Develop a Customized Content Prompt

Prompt Crafting:
Design a ChatGPT-style prompt that outlines your desired content presentation, such as “Generate a roundup of the latest NBA and Premier League highlights, focusing on key match outcomes, player performances, and any breaking news.”

Report Scheduling:
Set this report to be compiled at a convenient time each day, like early morning to include last night's games or late evening to summarize the day's events.

Step 5: Automate Your Newsletter Creation

AI Integration:
FlowChai takes your custom prompt and searches to curate and structure content into a newsletter format that adheres to your specified tone and style preferences.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Personalized Sports Newsletter

Newsletter Delivery:
Your finished newsletter will be sent automatically to your email as per your schedule.

Custom Content Consumption:
Dive into the sports news, presented uniquely according to the preferences you've set, offering a tailored reading experience every time.


With FlowChai, the creation of a daily sports newsletter becomes not just simple, but also highly personalized. You can enjoy content that not only keeps you updated on your favorite sports leagues but also matches the way you like to consume news.

Additional Tips:

  • Prompt Updates:
    Regularly revisit and adjust your prompt to keep the content fresh and aligned with evolving sports seasons or your changing interests.

  • Format Experimentation:
    Don't shy away from trying various content formats or styles in your prompts to find the perfect fit for your newsletter's voice.

  • Reader Engagement:
    Use the newsletter as a conversation starter, encouraging feedback and interaction from your readership to create a community around your shared passion for sports.

By following these steps, you can harness the power of FlowChai to deliver captivating and custom sports newsletters that will engage and inform your audience day after day.

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