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Guide to Using FlowChai for Generating a Report that Answers Questions from Multiple PDFs

Need to extract and consolidate information from various PDFs into a single report that answers important questions? FlowChai can make this happen effortlessly. This guide uses photovoltaics as an example subject matter, but the process is universally applicable.

Step 1: Navigate to Your Projects Page

Upon logging into FlowChai, you'll find yourself on your Projects Page. This centralized dashboard is where you'll manage all your data projects and reports.

Step 2: Create a New Project

  • Click the "New Project" button.
  • Choose an appropriate name for your project, like "Key Insights on Photovoltaics."
  • Finalize by clicking the "Create" button.

Step 3: Upload Multiple PDFs

  • Go to "Add Data" and then select "Upload Files."
  • Choose the PDF documents that contain the information you want to compile. Hold down the Ctrl key (or Cmd on Mac) to select multiple files.
  • Wait for all files to upload. The time it takes will depend on the total size of the files.

Step 4: Generate a New Report

  • After the PDFs are uploaded, go back to your project.
  • Click on "Reports," then choose "New Report."
  • In the "Prompt" section, type "Compile a report that answers the following questions on photovoltaics: What are the latest advancements? How cost-effective are they? What is their impact on the environment?" Remember to tailor these questions to your own subject matter.

Step 5: Run the Report

  • Hit the "Generate Report" button.
  • Watch as FlowChai’s sophisticated AI technology sifts through the uploaded PDFs to generate a comprehensive report.

Step 6: Share the Report

  • You can now either download the report as a PDF, copy the text, or use FlowChai's "Email Reports" function to send it directly to your team or other stakeholders.

Congratulations! You've successfully used FlowChai to extract and consolidate data from multiple PDFs into a well-structured report that addresses important questions. This is not only efficient but also ensures the quality and relevance of your data.

For further information or to explore advanced features, refer to FlowChai's FAQ section or contact their customer support. Happy reporting!

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