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Write a Blog Post in 2 Minutes from a News Article with Flowchai's Chrome Extension

In today's content-saturated landscape, speed and efficiency are paramount for content creators, bloggers, and journalists. Why spend hours sifting through complex articles when you can quickly create a compelling blog post from a single news article? Thanks to Flowchai's Chrome Extension, built on the capabilities of ChatGPT, this daunting task is now a walk in the park. Within two minutes, you can turn a news article into a blog post that captures the essence of the story, providing your audience with insightful, easily digestible content.

How it Works:

Step 1: Register for Flowchai

Create an account on Flowchai's platform to begin your time-saving journey in content creation.

Step 2: Install the Chrome Extension

Go to the Chrome Web Store, search for "Flowchai," and add the extension to your browser.

Step 3: Locate a News Article

Find a news article that you wish to convert into a blog post.

Step 4: Activate Flowchai

Click on the Flowchai icon, usually located at the top-right corner of your browser.

Step 5: Choose the 'Blog Post' Prompt

Instruct Flowchai to use its 'Blog Post' prompt for AI-powered content generation.

Step 6: Generate and Edit

Hit 'Generate Blog Post' and in mere moments, you'll receive a draft. Fine-tune as needed and voila, your blog post is ready!


Gone are the days of laboriously reading through numerous articles, jotting down notes, and drafting long outlines for a single blog post. With Flowchai's Chrome Extension, the whole process has been streamlined into a quick, efficient mechanism that leverages advanced AI capabilities to produce high-quality content. Whether you're a veteran blogger, a budding journalist, or someone looking to dip their toes into the realm of content creation, this tool is your go-to solution for rapid, yet impactful blogging. Say goodbye to the constraints of time and resources, and welcome a new era of productivity with Flowchai. This isn't just the future of blogging; it's the present.

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